Transport, shipping and logistic in the modern way

4 Partners Group provides effective and innovative solutions for transport and shipping. We organise full loads and part loads shipments all over Europe. We provide shipping services within a country and abroad. We provide shipping services of express and dangerous cargo. Our clients have warehouses at their disposal in perfect locations.

Since the beginning we have been constantly ensuring professionalism and services of the highest level, therefore our forwarders and dispatchers are at your disposal round the clock. Our priority is safety and punctuality of deliveries. The best references we can provide, is the rising number of companies and organisations with which we cooperate.

4 Partners Group – Transport, Shipping, Logistic

Competitive service

Today’s world is always on the move. We understand it, and we realise that the best service is the one a client requires in a given moment. Therefore we are flexible and creative, we are not afraid of original movements, and we treat as a challenge any kind of changes.

Partnership relations

Foundation of every company are the people. They are the most important, therefore we treat our contractors and clients like partners. It allows us to develop long-term relations, which result in a stable and businesslike cooperation, as well as mutual satisfaction derived from a fulfilment of desired goals.







Social responsibility

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