Full loads and part loads shipments

We constantly develop our transport service by increasing the number of vehicles in our fleet and expanding our offer with new shipping directions

We offer full loads and part loads shipments all over Europe, in particular in Germany, France, Benelux countries, Spain and Italy. We also provide deliveries to the Northern (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Baltic states) and Eastern Europe (Belarus).


Range of means of transport which we utilise is very wide: from vans of 1.5 t (8-10 EUR) load capacity, vehicles of 3.5 t (15 EUR) and 6 t (18-20 EUR) load capacity, and trucks with trailers of 24 t (33 EUR) load capacity, as well as sets of 22 t (38 EUR). Thanks to our diversified and modern fleet we are able to execute any transport order at a very attractive price.

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